Saving “the predator”

The water was transparent and she could see the “predator” swimming towards her, but instead of attacking or becoming violent, it elegantly swam on. It’s rough skin was a dark, sandy grey and it’s eyes were like two glowing green lights. While many would have been afraid, she was amazed! She had never seen something so beautiful in her life. The “predator” was a White Tip Reef shark and it had not been a predator at all.
Emily learned to swim when she was merely 3 years old; ever since she has had a unique love for the water. The cool, calm blue relaxes her and brings peace to her mind; a true state of bliss; she can be one with the waves. When Em first moved to Hawaii in 2013, she did not expect to become a free diver, but only a year later, she found her love for the water brought her to free diving. In 2015 she officially began her freediving career by becoming free diving certified. Over the past three years, Emily has learned a lot about the ocean and has had all sorts of encounters with different marine animals, including sharks. Now she is a full-time free diver hoping to inspire people to become passionate about the ocean.
Since that day so long ago when she first met the “predator” she has become a shark enthusiast. As with every wild animal, you have to be cautious with close encounters; professionals like Em know what they are doing. By entering a shark’s home, you are automatically an outsider, but Em has found that sharks treat outsiders with grace. Em has become accustomed to the strange looks that people give her when she explains that she dives with sharks without a cage; she wishes that people could understand sharks the way that she does. Most people know sharks from movies like Jaws or Shark Week on Discovery channel, but Em knows them up close and personal. She hopes to educate the general public about sharks and their importance to our ecosystem; to achieve this goal, Em began her Instagram account. Here, she posts pictures of sharks and other marine life. Her photos will make you feel close to these “predators” that generally people are so misinformed about. People like Em, who are raising awareness for sharks are changing the fate of our oceans.
Sharks are immensely important to our ecosystem because they help keep sick and dying animals out of the ocean. Without sharks, these sick and dying animals would pollute the ocean. Em is part of a global effort to raise awareness for the importance of sharks and keeping the oceans clean.Her instagram account showcases beautiful images from her dives, not just of sharks, but of all marine life.
In the grand scheme of things, Humans are very small and as Em says, “this is a water planet.” Although we are small, our actions have an enormous impact on marine life and the health of our oceans. To help the environment all you must do is be cautious of your daily decisions. For instance, by simply using paper bags instead of plastic bags at the grocery store, you are saving one plastic bag from going into the ocean.

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