To Create: Teddi Parker

The vibrant colors dance together like two Latin lovers. The colors crash against each other, yet they move so elegantly. They come together like the colors in a sunset to paint a beautiful picture; that picture is a picture of hope. In a world full of darkness, we need more art that will change our society for the better. This is not just a painting that shows an image, it is a painting filled with beauty that touches the heart. You can feel the atmosphere of the setting – warm and peaceful.

To create art is to create something beautiful. Something that shows something more than just a picture; something that shows emotion. Teddi fell in love with creating art her sophomore year of college. When she first picked up her paintbrush, she never wanted to let go. She found that she was able to create works of beauty and meaning. She found that through creating art, she was able to become a part of people’s lives; people she didn’t even know were suddenly buying her paintings to hang on their living room walls. Teddi’s art is a variety of creations that bring happiness to others. She is able to create an escape from a problem filled world by creating beautiful things that can take you away. When you look at Teddi’s paintings, you see the colors, the brush strokes, the scene they set, and a story; whatever you want that story to be, it is always filled with happiness and joy.

Teddi lives to create. She admires the beauty around her and captures it in her artwork. Teddi is raising two daughters at home, which is not an easy job. But, her and her husband are determined “culture changers”. They are determined to raise their children to be able to create and see the beauty in the world around them. Through her art, Teddi is hoping to spread the message of love, hope and graciousness and she has already touched so many. Her style seems to be constantly changing and improving, and she is excited for what the future may have to bring. Teddi also blogs about her art, check her out!

Love yourself: Teddi Parker

Swimmer bubbles: Teddi Parker

Peony Family Portrait: Teddi Parker

Windowsill Whiffs: Teddi Parker

Happy Father’s Day: Teddi Parker

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