A cause for outrage: by Karen Richards

Go ahead; walk on,
Walk on by with your head held high.
Go ahead; whistle your tune,
Your tune, for it shall distract you.
Go ahead; scream towards the sky,
Scream at some peculiar bump in a neighbor’s road.
Go ahead; outraged by everything in life,
Passionately involve yourself in all things foreign.
Go ahead; never think before decide.
Enraged when an angry buzz comes from deep within your pocket.
Go ahead; be the one
Be the one with all the answers to all questions never asked.

Go on; do it
Do everything to be the change you want.
Go on; see it
See the consequences of your actions.
Go on; imagine it
Imagine the voices you non-regrettably silenced.
Go on; become outraged
Because everything is a cause for outrage.
Go on; Go on.

You spoke; you knew very little.
You sparked; a wild fire started.
You revealed; an ugly monster.
You continued; you didn’t realize the consequence.
You believed; because you thought you knew.

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