What is art?

If tomorrow I were to say “it is raining gumdrops”, would you believe my lie? What if you hadn’t seen the sky in your entire life? What if you had never been outside to feel the cold rain hit your face? What if in your mind, it was completely logical that gumdrops would fall from the sky?

What if..?

What would it take for you to believe in something you could not see? What would move you to justify a feeling, which logic cannot explain? Would you change your mind, if suddenly the truth directly contradicts your belief? The truth can be defended, but your belief cannot, so which is more powerful, the truth or the thought?

How you answered these questions, will determine how you read this story…





Many years ago a young man from the United Kingdom packed his bags with anticipation for his next adventure. Izaac was moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in America. Questions buzzed through his mind like a million little bees were trapped inside of his brain. Nothing was certain, except uncertainty. When the wheels touched the runway, his destiny was beginning to unfold and with more questions than answers, he set off on a quest to find his belonging in this world.


After living in the United Kingdom his entire life, he never imagined the American stereotypes he often heard back home held any truth. Living in America, was different though… On a day to day basis, Izacc was baffled by the ignorance and attitude of some folks.  As an outside observer he was disturbed by a repetitive exposition of ignorance presented in America’s social culture.

He found that people just didn’t care. They didn’t know Palestine is a country, they had not a clue as to what anything is. While Izaac wanted to change the world more than anything else, he was surrounded by folks who couldn’t care any less.

Rather than volunteering for the peace corps, or doing something cliché, Izaac used his skill set to apply himself.

As a child, he had watched his mother struggle to sell her artwork. An artist’s life was a difficulty he never wanted to be a part of. Until, one day, out of the clear blue sky, a lightning bolt shot down, and jump started his mind. It began with a common word or phrase and that was all it took for his spray-can to transform this imaginary prospect into creation. Izaac had finally found his purpose: To create and prosper through his art.

Adopting the pseudonym Recycled Propaganda, Izaac began to venture onward creating art. However important Izaac’s story may be, the true story is about the creations rather than the creator…

So what is unique about Recycled Propaganda’s artwork?

Well that is for the observer to decide…

As always, people shall see one thing differently. One piece of art, the same piece of art, will not be understood likewise by two people.

There shall be people who argue over this piece of art.

Harry will see one thing, while Sally another. They will both will refuse to compromise on the meaning. Harry is left and Sally is right. Harry see’s black, while Sally says “White!”

Each is convinced in what they believe, but what is it that they actually see? What are they looking for, and why argue?

They both feel moved by the same piece of art, at least on that they can agree. They both believe it beholds only one meaning, but to each of them it holds different meaning…

Harry will go on, believing in left, while Sally will continue believing in the right.

They shall both wonder, which one of them is correct and in their minds they both think it is them.

What if they are both correct? One may ask, well how can that be? One piece must have only one meaning.

And this is all fine and dandy until Harry claims black and Sally screams “White!”

If you take three rights, you take a left and if you mix white with black, you get black. Although the world will never know what the artist was thinking when he made this piece, his mission has been accomplished: To care enough to relate this image to the world you see.

In a fast paced world, art reminds us to reflect on our surroundings. Question everything and accept nothing. Because although Harry may see left and Sally may see right we are all human beings and we only have this one life.


Untether by Recycled Propaganda.


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