An Ally of Humanity.

In light of what has been happening this week (and one could argue for hundreds of years), I am sharing this message with you all: our President claims to he will put America first in everything, but how can he do that when he has approved pipelines that will violate treaties that this country has made with Indigenous nations. Not only that, when these pipelines spill, they will affected the water supply for at least 18 million Americans. Furthermore, Trump wants to crack down on immigration and ban muslims from lawfully entering this country, when he and his family are or were immigrants at one point.

As the daughter of an immigrant and a family member to and descendant of refugees, I cannot and will not support a man nor policies that blatantly discriminate  against other Americans and citizens of this planet, especially when I know that the vast majority of immigrants and refugees are coming to improve their lives and that of other Americans.

And as an ally, I cannot and will not watch this government continue its systematic oppression and eradication of the Indigenous peoples of this land. Once you have destroyed the land you live on and have kicked out or lost the support of the people, you don’t really have much of a country, let alone “the land of the free.”

Written by Lydia Plakias and obtained with permission by Sweet Lemon Pies.

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