What a 52 year old lawyer does.

So, what does a 52 year old mother of two who has been practicing insurance defense litigation for the past 23 years for the same multi-national insurance company do when she can’t take one more second of what is going on?

She calls her local chapter of the ACLU to see what volunteer opportunities exist for lawyers.

I am now on the legal panel of the ACLU of Broward County, Florida and cannot wait to get started!

I am not qualified in the least to become an actual ACLU attorney but I can still put my law degree and my passion and activism to good use.

I have never been particularly excited or proud to be a lawyer, but we are needed now more than ever!

The ACLU chapter where you live could probably use help too.

I got this pocket edition of the Constitution pictured here from the ACLU and it is the same version that Khizr Khan proudly took out of his pocket at the Democratic National Convention.



Click here to learn more about the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

Written by Marji Purisch Sachs.

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