Bravery Blankets

Maura‘s journey started at the innocent age of six when she was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation. This was a devastating blow which seemed to eliminate the hopes of her ever being able to live a normal life. However devastating this was, Maura fought on. Maura created her own normal, and is now moving the tall mountains, which once stood in her way. Maura has inspired so many: those with and without her condition alike.

Maura has never allowed herself to give up. Along the way, Maura has collected a few more distinctive looking battle wounds. She was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, Cervical spine instability, and gastrointestinal issues. The GI issues worsened with a cervical spine fusion Maura went through a year ago. When she was still unable to eat and her symptoms were not improving, the doctors ordered a NJ tube be placed. When she showed up to the dismal looking place, it seemed sad and empty. A neglected and forgotten part of the hospital, the Interventional radiology center. With her other procedures, there had always been someone near by. Someone ready to hand her gifts and toys, or anything to make the hospital seem less like a hospital. Yet here she was, surrounded by the grey, unhappy looking curtains, getting prepped for a procedure.

“Everyone there was so nice. They kept telling me if they had something to give me, they would give it to me. If they had the ability to make it better, they would.”

The idea appeared in Maura‘s head suddenly and excitedly as if it were lightning shooting down from the heavens.  Her inspiration originating from a blanket given to her by an interventional radiology child life specialist at another hospital. The blanket made her feel so much better. Such a small thing, inspired so much comfort. She quickly jotted down her idea, what she wanted to do; how she wanted to do it. “Make blankets for the kids going through the interventional radiology center.” Since then, Maura has made hundreds of blankets for sick kids. She is making her first delivery in a few weeks.

Maura may seem like the average sixteen year old. She lives at her home in Delaware with her two siblings and beloved dog. She is looking into schools, and hopes to get into Townson University. She hopes that once she graduates she can be a child life specialist. Although these things may seem ordinary, Maura is extraordinary.

Through bravery blankets, Maura has been able to inspire strangers. She has learned so much through her project. Maura describes her journey with bravery blankets as “empowering”. She continues to be impressed by the generosity of complete strangers who care so much about her cause.

Supporting Maura does not mean a donation. You can support her in many ways, send her a message of support, or left over fabric you have laying around your house, share her go fund me page with your friends, there are many ways to contribute! Standing up in the world requires an enormous amount of strength, especially after you have been knocked down. Maurahas accomplished so much in her short sixteen years and continues to move mountains every day!

Please support Maura’s cause!


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