Why I Share My Story


Hey guys,

I’m new to this, but I thought I’d first share why I find it so important to join something like Sweet Lemon Pies before telling you about myself. . Anyone who sees me would think I’m normal, they see me laughing with friends, dancing like an idiot in my car with friends, I do well in school, I’m social, but bubbly, that is only one part of me.

I suffer from many invisible illnesses.These illnesses affect my daily life, making me miserable most of the time; however, I refuse to let that control me. I have to work to get dressed in the morning because it puts me in agony. Most days, I feel too sick to have breakfast. Some days, I’m leaning against my friends because I’m afraid I might collapse, they carry my stuff because my shoulders pop out if I do it myself, I’m constantly worried that I might have a random reaction to something near me too. I don’t say this to get pity (I actually hate pity, but I might leave that for another day’s post) I just want people to understand that my life is not easy. People just assume I’m not in pain because you can’t tell that I’m constantly in pain.

Something you can’t see could still be real, and I can personally tell you; it truly is. I’ve made this point purely to get to why I seem so happy, it’s because I truly am. The medical conditions I deal with suck, they completely and utterly suck, I’ll be the first to admit that, but there is an upside. I have more purpose in my life than most 17 year old girls and I owe it all to chronic pain. I’ve met some of the most amazing people all over the country and even the world (Molly Jones would be one of these people I’ve met) by sharing my story I actually help people, I raise money and awareness for invisible illness. I have  realized that chronic illnesses don’t have to own you and now I wish to help others figure this out. My life may not be “normal” by most standards,but I love it. I am grateful that I was given a chance to help others, a chance to help people understand; most of all I’ve grateful that I was given a chance to find happiness again after my life was torn apart.

~Melanie Dickens

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