It’s okay to cry sometimes…

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. I cry when I’m too tired to deal with the pain, or maybe I feel suffocated by things; I cry. You see, when you have so much on your plate for so long, when you have to worry about every tiny detail of your life because you have EDS, Gastroparesis, CRPS, Mast Cell reactions, Chronic Migraines, or maybe you’re not like me and it’s something else entirely, no matter what it is, it’s so hard. I’m not ashamed that it happens, I know it’s human, you should too. Chronic Pain is a flood, our friends and family help build up a dam. A dam that is made of love, strength, happiness, trial and error, it’s made up of all the things you experience in your journey. Nothing is invincible, and eventually the flood wins over the dam and every bit of good you have sinks to the very bottom where you can’t see it; you can’t feel the love anymore, so you cry. Never be afraid to cry, never keep it in until you can’t hold back anymore, just remember that eventually the water drains. When the water drains you see the happiness, the love, the strength then your family and friends build the dam back up. Crying is okay just remember that even when you can’t tell, there is always someone there for you, so hold on, let the tears out then get up and be with those people, tell them how much you appreciate them and move forward with them.

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