Talent from the heart; Noa Milan inspires through music.

Noa Milan entered the musical world with a crash, boom, bang. An ordinary girl from South Africa, with extraordinary talent and the will to unlock her talent, the lyrics to her song’s will fill your heart with emotion. Noa has a fun soul, and through her music she shares her spirit with the rest of us ever-so-ordinary souls.

As a meteorologist predicts the weather, Noa’s upbringing could have predicted her passion for music. Noa’s love for music was not a passion that developed over time, but perhaps a passion she was born with. One could say that music is in  her DNA, as her mother is a  talented guitar player and pianist, and her father is a talented vocalist. Being raised by two musicians, music was inescapable, a typical day for Noa was filled with music.

Noa first stole the show in the schoolyard when she was a young child. The moment the other children–whose favorite song was The Wheels on the Bus-– heard Noa sing Lonesome Polecat, they stopped and stared. Not only was this a song unlike any other they had ever heard, this was a voice unlike any other they had ever heard.

Songwriting and music has given Noa the ability to express her feelings to others and bring other’s comfort. Noa’s songs remind us that we share one deep connection: we are all human and we all experience certain emotions. When Noa sings, she sings directly from her heart, transforming pure emotion into lyrical form. It’s easy to get lost in Noa’s music: Her songs are non-judgemental, they are positive, and her lyrics come straight from her heart–they expose the naked truth to the world. You do not have to meet the girl behind the voice to get to know her. Listening her music is like listening to the soundtrack of her soul: the music tells you all you need to know and more.

Sharing her music is vital to Noa’s existence. Noa’s love for music was not something that she learned, but rather, it came to her as naturally as a baby’s first few steps, and Noa has learned to share her extraordinary gift. While most people would be petrified to perform in front of a crowd, not being able to share her music scares Noa more than anything else. This sharing has become the center of her life, and she has succeeded in creating a career from this passion.  Noa’s success in music has given her joy in life, but success did not come easily.

Noa would not be the success she is today without pure determination to stay out on the dance floor, as she says. “Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” As such, Noa has made it her purpose to always be out there on the dance floor, singing and writing music.

Noa recalls discovering her father was a “big deal” singer from reading newspaper clippings, which were collected in a family album. Now the articles are written about her; it is her time to shine.  Noa recently signed to the independent record company Zandkloof Independent Records. This is a monumental step towards her ultimate goal: to inspire through her beautiful music. Noa possesses an amazing musical talent. The world is watching eagerly in anticipation of where this amazing, young artist will go.

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