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My mom and I
Coloring the World










November is RSD/CRPS awareness month and today is “Color the World Orange” Day  where you wear orange for awareness, and considering RSD/CRPS started everything off for me, I thought it might be time to write about how RSD is for me…

Every morning I wake up in horrendous pain from my knee down on my left leg. Burning, stabbing, electric, creepy crawly, and scraping are only a tiny percentage of the types of pain I live with in that leg. I find solace in my knee socks, it causes me to scream every time I change my socks but once they’re on I feel protected from the wind and rain. I fight everyday to walk through the pain because, as a doctor once put it, I move it or lose it. I can’t shower every day because the water running down my leg hurts, and so does toweling off. RSD ended my life as it was and gave me a new one, please check out RSDSA for more information:


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