Positive Affirmation

What does it mean to go on a journey back to health? What does it mean to conquer life one minute at a time, one problem after another? Brianna’s journey back to health began when she was a young child. Brianna spent much of her life in pain, visiting doctor after doctor who were all unable to provide proper diagnosis and treatment. Many times the overwhelming nature of all the doctors, became unavoidable. In order to maintain a positive mindset, Brianna had to develop a new perspective.


Brianna became grateful.


“Eventually I lost count of all the doctors. I began focusing on the amazing aspects of my life, most of all my parents. I can never put into words how grateful I am for the things that both my mom and dad did for me during my journey back to health…”


Brianna’s first diagnosis came in 2007 when she was 12 years old: Spondylolisthesis. Brianna had to wear a big, bulky back brace that strapped onto her leg. The brace made walking normally extremely difficult. To make matters worse, Brianna’s classmates were often unsupportive, and sometimes downright cruel.


“They made me feel weird for having disabilities and imperfections. My peers made school an awful experience when it was supposed to be an amazing one.”


After the bracing failed to treat Brianna’s Spondylolisthesis, her doctors suggested surgery. The surgery failed and Brianna found herself at an all time low. All the functionality, which she had previously taken for granted had been taken from her. It was at this point when Brianna’s doctors told her she would never walk again. Brianna refused to listen. Brianna was determined to regain everything that she had lost.


“My life sucked, and I couldn’t keep living like that.”


With this attitude came a complete transformation. Although in pain, Brianna was grateful. She began working with a new physical therapist that created an in-home 9-hour a day rehabilitation program. Her treatments were long and rigorous, but Brianna never gave up on rehabilitation. After 378 hours of this intensive therapy program, Brianna got her strength back and regained the ability to walk.


Although Brianna was walking, her fight was far from over. In 2011, Brianna was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Ehlers Danlos syndrome is a connective tissue disease, which causes extreme pain and multiple other health issues.  Once again, Brianna found herself overwhelmed with her situation.

Determined to maintain her positive outlook, she chose to affirm her lifestyle. Brianna found a support group and began to learn how to live with her chronic illness in a healthy and positive manner.


Some affirmations Brianna made are:

I believe in my potential, not in my past.

I am ready and committed to make this my best year ever.

I give up being perfect for being authentic.


Fast-forward five years, and Brianna is a co-author for a coloring book. This is not just any coloring book, it is a positive affirmations coloring book, which contains all the affirmations that helped Brianna maintain her positive outlook throughout her journey. A coloring book for both adults and kids, the intention is to inspire people who are going through difficult times and invoke passion filled conversations in a family setting.


Being co-author of this book has been extremely demanding of Brianna considering her current health situation. Perpetually busy, it has been difficult to find time for some much needed rest. Despite these struggles, Brianna has not doubted her mission once.


“This book is so important to be because I have found a creative activity that will inspire others going through rough situations. When I’m having a difficult day, I remind myself that no matter what seat life gives me, I can always choose to have a front row experience. This means that although I may be going through a very challenging time, I will not my challenges define me. I will allow every symptom and situation to guide me to a better version of myself. This coloring book is my way of sharing with others the positive affirmations that have inspired me.”


Brianna Greenspan used to be the girl in the bulky back brace, but now she has moved forward. Brianna has learned to conquer her illness and not let illness determine her purpose. Now she has created the opportunity for people to learn through her past struggles. Through affirmation Brianna has created and inspired.

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