Just an Ordinary kid

It may be easy to believe that Patrick Boland is just an ordinary kid. Like everyone else, Patrick has a favorite hobby; baseball. He has a favorite TV show; The Office. He has his favorite sports teams; the Colorado Rockies and the Denver Broncos. He has a favorite celebrity; Carlos Gonzalez. On the surface it is easy to mistake Patrick for just an ordinary kid, but in reality, Patrick is a warrior. For the past four years, Patrick has woken up every day, with his war face painted on, ready to battle the days challenges and obstacles.

Patrick was burdened at a very young age with severe health problems, a burden no child should face. On July, 18th, 2012 Patrick Boland sprained his ankle. As time went on, Patrick’s pain did not improve, but instead got worse. In November of 2012 Patrick was diagnosed with CRPS.

CRPS is a neuropathic pain condition that is extremely rare, especially in kids. CRPS is so rare that when Patrick was diagnosed, the doctors told him to “not bother” looking for other kids with the disease because there would be none. Patrick was just eight years old, left alone.

Patrick says that the hardest part of living in chronic pain is losing friends and not being able to do what he enjoys. For the past four years, Patrick has fought his way through every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Living in constant pain is a challenge. Not letting the pain consume who you are is an even bigger challenge…

CRPS is not Patrick Boland.

CRPS is a monster that harasses and follows Patrick around. Everyone has monsters in their lives and the biggest judge of our character is how we handle these monsters. The way Patrick has dealt with his monster speaks louder than all the words in any language.

Rather than allowing CRPS to consume his life, Patrick decided to form Ferocious Fighters.

What began as an idea transformed into a legitimate non-profit.

How many twelve year olds have created their own non-profit organizations? Patrick Boland did.

Patrick’s perspective on his chronic illness is;


“I think that it sucks I have to deal with this and other kids have to deal with this disease, but I think that we all have to try to work through it even though it’s hard.”

Rather than focusing on himself, Patrick created Ferocious Fighters to make a difference in the lives of other kids with CRPS. Thus far, Patrick has accomplished his goal. Patrick encourages other kids with CRPS to reach out and understand that they are not alone.

There are many lessons to learn from Patrick’s story. Too many to list. One thing that should be kept in mind is that no matter what obstacle is put in our way, there is always a way to conquer that obstacle. There is always wiggle room for transforming a horrible fate into an inspiration. Patrick manages his non-profit despite agonizing pain, providing inspiration to everyone.

This is what makes Patrick Boland a fearless warrior

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