The Greatest Wizard to Walk the Earth

What does it mean to believe in magic? Everyone desires magic, yet we live in a world where nobody believes in magic. What if we all contain magic within ourselves, but we are just unable to discover it? Could believing in Magic simply mean believing in yourself?

It is amazing what can ignite the magic inside of us… For Jon Vroman, it happened in an instant and ever since, he has been creating magical moments. 

Jon’s magic was born the second he was asked:

“If you could rate the contributions that you have made to society on a scale from 1 to 10, what would you be?” It was Jon’s answer that lead him to realize that now he needed magic to help him turn his life around. Around the same time, Jon’s friend dared him to run a double marathon. The double marathon being six weeks away, it seemed an impossible task, but nothing is impossible with magic on your side. Jon had the best kind of magic on his side: the magic of believing in himself.

As he was training for the double marathon, the endless question of what charity he was actually running for continued to occupy Jon’s mind. Jon decided to give the thinking a break and went to a Jason Maraz concert. Having nose bleed seats, Jon realized something: the people in the Front Row had a different experience.

In one moment, Jon reached for his magic wand and The Front Row Foundation was born.

After filing with the IRS, there was nothing holding back the Front Row Foundation. From the moment it was created, The Front Row Foundation has been creating magical moments. Jon’s background helped him promote the foundation. Jon had been a sales representative at Cutco so he was not afraid to speak in front of a crowd, as it had been his job for many years. Once the The Front Row Foundation, was created, Jon left his old job behind and started a different kind of speaking career. Jon became an inspirational speaker and traveled around the country to speak at colleges. His main message being to inspire students to live their lives rather than letting their lives go by.

Jon’s story seems like a simple inspiring story of a man who discovered the magic that lived inside of him, but there is more to this story than you have been lead to believe. 

Jon had many challenges and doubts along his road. Establishing The Front Row Foundation along with his career as an inspirational speaker was far from easy. As Jon says “When you are a speaker, speaking is about 2% of your job.”

In the beginning, Jon’s biggest struggle was communicating The Front Row Foundation’s mission; “People would just look at me and say ‘I don’t get it.’ ”

It seemed impossible for Jon to communicate his magical passion with others. Instead of appearing interested people stared back at him blank faced. The overwhelmingly poor response left Jon with the option to jump or walk away. 

Jon chose to jump. Knowing he could splatter helplessly on the ground, accepting that he may fail, accepting that he could loose everything he had, Jon relied on faith. 

Now Jon Vroman is successful.

Now Jon Vroman has a podcast.

Now Jon Vroman has an upcoming book.

It is important to understand it was not always this way, actually not even close. At one point in Jon’s life, he was just someone rambling on about his passions.

Jon and only Jon gave his passions life. It took soul, commitment and heart to give those passions to life. 

“When your how has heart your why gets legs.”  ~ Jon Vroman 

As Jon Vroman stands in front of graduating college students, he tells the story of how he found his magic and became a wizard.

His main message: never settle for the back row.

Magic has nothing to do with normality. Magic is a rare and a unique power that is given to people who take a stand and take charge of their life. Someone cannot expect to get magic if they do everything ordinarily. 

There was a point in time when nobody understood Jon Vroman’s message, but he did not let that stop him. Now Jon lives his life as a wizard in the front row, creating magical moments for every front-row recipient.

If Jon listened to what people had told him, he would still be sitting in the back row. By having faith in himself, he ignited a small spark, which eventually transformed into a raging wildfire. 

Jon lives life in the front row by…

Having hope for the future. When everything seems like it could fall apart.

Living in the moment. As every moment can be magical.

Celebrating all experiences. Because each experience is a blessing.

In a world where everyone dreams of magic, but nobody believes in magic, we should all think of Jon Vroman…

We can all change the direction that our life is headed.

When Jon Vroman did not like the way his life was headed he reached deep inside himself and found the passion to inspire.

“I love creating magical moments.” 

All it took was a small spark, a small idea, to create endless magical moments. Magical moments not only for those who are recipients of The Front Row Foundation, but magical moments for everyone who he comes in contact with.

Jon Vroman is a representation of how we all have magic deep inside. 

When nobody understood the purpose of The Front Row Foundation, Jon Vroman did not back down. He held onto that magic and became a wizard. Magic is not easy to discover. There will be times when you feel like quitting. There will be times when everything seems lost. It is these moments when we are faced with the challenge of holding onto faith and jumping. A decision must be made and it is important to keep in mind: how can you say that you can’t fly when you have never made an attempt?

More than anything we must hand over our hearts to our goals. 

Because “When your why has heart your how grows legs.” ~Jon Vroman

Perhaps this is the secret to discovering magic.

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