Camp care

It was December of 2006 when Trish, a PT student first heard of Camp Care. Her anatomy professor asked if anyone would be willing to volunteer. Trish automatically volunteered. Thinking that she had signed up for folding chairs and arts and crafts, she was in for a big surprise. Because Trish was a physical therapy student, she became involved with the therapy aspect of the camp. When Trish arrived at Camp Care, she was automatically swept away. Blown away by the astonishing strength and resilience possessed by the kids she was treating. From the moment she first put her healing hands on a child, those kids were no longer her patients, they were her family. Through Camp Care, Trish discovered a priceless gift forever changing her life. Through Camp Care, Trish discovered what it really means to be strong. “I probably cried three or four times that first camp that I went to because of all the things that I saw. After that, I never looked back.” Although Camp Care began as a mission to provide hope and healing, it became so much more. Not only did Camp Care become a place that provided hopeful healing, Camp Care became an unbreakable family built off of pure hope, healing, and love. At Camp Care, kids inspire each other to break their bonds and take on the world, as free as a bird. At Camp Care, the strength of the children inspires the therapists to be amazing and change the world. Camp Care gives a completely new definition to the word inspiration. Trish described Camp as, “Joy and miracles. The kids that I’ve met have showed me things that I never thought were possible. Things that I never imagined I would be able to witness and make me reevaluate myself as a person and a therapist. Every time I leave Camp, I have a new centered mission to help my patients, to become better because of what those kids show me.” Camp is a place of pure love and hope. The volunteers here help the kids and in return, the kids give a priceless gift, they give the gift of inspiration. Camp Care is a place of acceptance. At camp care, children who have been told by doctors they will never get better do get better. At camp, kids are able to push their limits and they are given the key to their previously caged lives. Camp is a place where you are encouraged and recognized for what you can do rather than what you cannot. Camp is a place where kids who were supposed to never walk again take their first step. When I asked Trish to describe camp she said, “Camp’s motto is “hands to work and hearts to god.” It’s important to never put limits on these kids. You will never hear us say “Plateau” “Your child has plateaued” “Your child will never walk again” “Your child is never going to get better.” No. You don’t know that. There is no limit on those kids. You don’t know what they can do and you just need to help support them with love and hope.”  Camp Care gives kids the hope and the care kids need to get better. Kids who have been caged up by society’s lack of love, are set free; set free by the display of love and of course, the healing provided. Camp Care opens their doors with their hearts in their hand. Offering to help everyone and anyone who may need their help. Camp Care offers a chance to kids that thought they would never have a chance. Unlike society, Camp Care does not accept the world impossible. Camp Care sees a child that cannot walk and helps them in taking their first step; and they do. They do stand! They can put one foot in front of another! They can do all the things that society forever said they would never accomplish. Camp Care is an amazing place. It is a place where being a physical therapist becomes a honor rather than a job. It is a place built off of love, strength, bravery and hope. Camp Care is giving a bird with broken wings a new set of wings. Most importantly Camp Care is a place where the impossible is proved to be possible.

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